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Public Hours
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***   Public Shooting at MSI will be limited 
***   to Saturdays for the rest of May.

***   There will be no public shooting
***   during June, July and August. 
MSI has reopened for Public Shooting. Safety is always our number one concern so new Covid-19 safety rules have been adopted by the MSI Board of Directors. Before visiting the range please read: MSI Covid-19 Rules
MSI is open to the public for supervised shooting on the following days: September - May Saturday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM June - July - August Closed Please check the schedule for possible changes in range availability. Everyone using the range during public shooting hours must have a valid Connecticut Pistol Permit. No jacketed or magnum ammunition may be used at any time. All posted Range Rules must be followed without exception and are strictly enforced by the Range Officer on duty. Those wishing to shoot rifles may do so, but may use only .22s Public shooters must purchase a range card which is good for 12 months. Once a person posseses a range card they can pay for range time either: 1. By the hour 2. Annual pass Please see page 2 of the document linked below for current rates. Click here for Dues and Fees - rev. 12/08/17
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Last Updated 05/12/21