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History of MSI
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MSI is a non-profit organization that maintains a 25 yard, 10 port,
indoor pistol range on Garden Grove Road in Manchester, CT.  The 
building is rented from the Town of Manchester.  MSI was formed
by six gun clubs for the purpose of signing a lease with the Town.
Once the lease was secured, the clubs funded and built the range.
Membership and operations are handled by or through team members in
their capacity as either Officers or Directors on MSIís Board.  
One of the main activities that the resident clubs participate in
is the Metropolitan League (Met League) competition.

The six MSI teams, along with other teams in the greater Hartford, CT
area participate in the Met League pistol matches.  The matches are
held weekly from early Sept. to early April and use the 30 shot
National Match Course format with .22 caliber pistols.  Each team 
competes against other teams twice a year, once at their home range
and once at the other teamís range.  The format is ideal for new 
competitors because only the top five competitorís scores on each 
team are used to tally the team results.

In further support of pistol shooting, members of the MSI teams 
conduct monthly air pistol, 900, and 1800 matches.  In February 
the MSI teams also host the Connecticut State Pistol Championship
(runs a full weekend).  During the summer, many team members opt 
for outdoor shooting, so MSI allows the Pratt & Whitney pistol club
to host a .22 summer league.  This league also uses the National 
Match Course format and supports the introduction and instruction
of new shooters.

MSI also supports fee based public shooting for non-members.
Click here for hours and costs.

Range rules limit use to .22 rifles and any pistol using lead bullets.  
Jacketed bullets are not allowed because of safety concerns with the 
expended jackets.

Last Updated  02/27/12