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shooting ports
Shooting Ports
meeting room
Meeting Room
team room
Team Room (1 of 3)
Our facilities include 10 heated, well lit 25 yard shooting ports.
There are three team rooms, a kitchen, a meeting room and an office.
There is also a large lobby with vending machines and a water fountain, restrooms and an office for the range officer.

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Range Rules
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All firearms carried on your person must be kept concealed at all times. All firearms not carried on your person must be unloaded and stored in boxes, bags, or cases upon entering or leaving the premises. Unconcealed firearms may not be carried by anyone in the building, except by uniformed police or duly-authorized uniformed security personnel.
No firearm may be handled anywhere in the building except on the firing line when preparing to shoot, in the cleaning room, in the range officer's room, or during classes.
When handling firearms, the actions and cylinders must be kept open, except on the firing line when ready to fire. When on the firing line, all firearms must be kept pointed down range at all times. No dry firing is allowed except on the firing line or during a class under an instructor's supervision.
Only bull’s-eye style targets are allowed and must be suspended from a carrier down range beyond the first pole. No cross-firing is allowed. No firearm may be fired from a bench rest without using the target extensions.
No bullets with full or partial jackets, Silver Tip ammo, CCI Blazers, center fire magnum loads or shot shells may be fired at any time. Plated bullets are allowed but must be inspected by the RO or RSO prior to being used. All ammunition will have a velocity of under 1040 ft/sec with the exception of .22 rim fire and 9 mm cartridges.
All RO or RSO commands or other requests for range safety must be complied with at all times. Anyone who fails to comply with the RO or RSO's authority may be subject to termination of membership and/or privileges by the MSI Board of Directors. The RO and RSO have the right to inspect all firearms and ammunition and may prohibit any actions or behavior on the range which are deemed to be inappropriate or unsafe. When a “Cease Fire” or "Make the firing line safe" command is given by either an RO, RSO, or any other shooter, all firearms must be placed on the bench with slides locked back, magazines out, and no round in the chamber. In the case of revolvers, the cylinder must be open.
Except when an RO or RSO is present during competitive events and public shooting hours, each shooter is responsible for his or her own safety. This includes making sure the line is safe before proceeding forward of the firing line.
Eye and ear protection must be worn when shooting or observing in the range area.
No child under the age of 12 years is allowed on the range at any time.
Any person who is 12 years through 17 years of age inclusive is allowed on the range only when supervised at all times by a Full Club or Full Key member. The supervising member must be in the same port with the 12 through 17 year old and may not allow that person to handle a firearm unsupervised under any other circumstances.
Shooters will report instances of accidental damage to the RO or RSO (if one is on duty) and leave notice at the MSI office or in the office mailbox with his or her name, the date, and a description of the damage caused. Individuals will be held personally responsible for willful damage to the range or equipment.
One guest per member is allowed on the line. The member must sign in his or her guest and be present with the guest in the same port at all times. Only Full Club and Full Key members may bring guests into the MSI range.

Last Updated  05/03/14