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Thank you for your interest in classes at the MSI range. A variety of firearms related education opportunities are offered through our MSI approved instructors including NRA Certified Pistol Instructor/Basic Gun Safety Course, NRA “Eddie Eagle,” advanced Home Firearms Safety, and Winchester Courses and others.
All classes are taught at the MSI range located at 281 Garden Grove Rd in Manchester, CT. MSI offers a modern, well-lit, heated indoor range including a heated and air conditioned classroom for your comfort.
In addition to all instructors being NRA certified in the courses taught, MSI holds our approved instructors to a higher standard. Only instructors that are approved by our Training and Education committee may teach at MSI providing for quality instruction.
MSI approved instructors are listed below including links to each instructor’s individual page where you will find details on courses available, contact information, pricing and additional details.
We at MSI hope you enjoy your course. If you wish to provide feedback directly to the MSI training coordinator click here
MSI Approved Instructors:
---- SC Training Services
---- Steve Langlois - Certified NRA instructor for 35 years - (860) 667-7777 -

* The instructor information located here is only provided as a potential option for 
  your consideration and does not represent an endorsement by Metropolitan Shooters Inc.
  Not all instructors may be listed here.  For additional instructors please contact
  the MSI Training Coordinator. 

Last Updated  10/24/2020