Metropolitan Revolver League of Hartford, Inc.

Year End Statistics Reporting

March 19, 2021

It’s almost time again to roll up the year end stats for the Met League Bulletin. I need the same information provided in previous years INCLUDING FULL FIRST NAMES.  This year, 15 matches are required to qualify for awards.  Post the team reports to me on or before that deadline for inclusion in the league bulletin and eligibility for league awards.

The year end reporting schedule is:

Last Scheduled Match:     Wednesday, March 24th..
Makeup Matches:            complete on or before Wednesday, March 31st..
Shootoff Matches:            complete on or before Wednesday, April 7th.
Team Report Deadline:    Thursday, April 15th.
April meeting:                   Thursday, April 22nd.
Banquet:                           None This Year.

We will be using the TeamXLS Microsoft Excel workbook to report their year-end data again this year.  This helps me get the trophy order into Mr. Trophy more effficiently and eliminates the possibility of my making data entry errors when I put the team stats into the database.  I will be generating the baseline TeamXLS and sending it out via email separately.  I understand and appreciate that it will take a little more of each team's stat officer's time to use the tool.  

Along with the other information for each shooter, I need to know if they shot two-handed for the year.

The following NRA classifications are to be used:

Master 285.00 - 300.00
Expert 270.00 - 284.99
Sharpshooter 255.00 - 269.99
Marksman 000.00 - 254.99

Information to include for each shooter:

1. Last Name, (Full) First Name (first name to be used on awards).

2. Male/Female (for women shooter awards)

3. Eligibility for Lucas Award: Yes/No
(To be eligible, shooters must shoot 15 or more matches and must be 60 years or older before the end of the season.)

4. Junior status: Yes/No
(To be eligable, shooters must be 20 years old or younger at the beginning of the season.)

5. Two-Hand shooter: Yes/No

6. Number of Matches Shot this season.

7. Average score of all matches shot this season, to 2 decimal places, i.e. 275.23.

I will derive the Team Most Improved Shooter, Team High Score and Team Highest Ranked Individual for each team.

Obituary Information:

- Please send the names and a paragraph of information for anyone who has passed away this year.   I have considered including a list in the bulletin to honor shooters who have been lost to COVID-19.  If  you  think this is a good or bad idea please let me know your opinion.  If you know anyone who you would like to place on the list, please send it along.  It's something we can discuss at the April meeting.

Please be careful with spelling, typing, and if you must handwrite this information, penmanship. I’ve worked hard to get peoples names and scores accurately recorded, and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by misspelling their names or by getting their scores wrong.

League Statistician and page author, Jim Crane :